Dear Friends,

I write you all in hopes of changing your position on purchasing NHL ’14 when it comes out on September 10th, 2013. From what I understand, many of you are hesitant to do so. While I understand your concerns about such an investment, please allow me this appeal.

The primary reason I am so desperate to convince you that buying NHL ’14 is a good idea is that I like playing our current GM Connected league and don’t want to see it split in the Fall. If half of our league upgrade, and the other half does not, it’ll be similar to when At the Drive-In split into The Mars Volta and Sparta. Yes, those who don’t upgrade will unfortunately be compared to the latter.

If you are thinking about avoiding NHL ’14 as a matter of frugality, I cannot hold it against you. Yearly sports game are essentially $60 expansion packs. Sure, there are some improvements (this year more than most), but it’s essentially the same experience, right?

Wrong! Most of the pleasure we derive from these games is the camaraderie we experience playing together. Isn’t that worth the $60?

One could argue against upgrading for the same reason, but as I mentioned earlier, the game is improved. Let’s all have a better experience together.

To further demonstrate why this is not an irresponsible financial decision, let’s think of it as a $60/year subscription to something that you no doubt spend hundreds of hours playing. Here’s some quick math.

$60 / (82 games x 30 mins) = 0.024 cents per minute.

You’re paying a fraction over 2 cents a minute for something you love. Not even a six-pack has that dollars-to-joy conversion. If $60 isn’t in your yearly budget, your priorities are screwed, and I’ll have to write a whole other letter about that.

Aside from financial duress, the only other possible reason you are deciding not to purchase NHL ’14 is principle.

I understand the principle behind not buying NHL ’14 when you already have NHL ’13. “Why should I have to fork over my money every year for the same game!?” But the truth is that it’s a much better game. How do I know this? Because that is what EA does. They improve the game slightly every year! We know this!

I mean, it’s not like we didn’t all buy every Call of Duty game that came out for 4 years straight. (Yes, it’s the same situation.)

When I bought my X-Box a number of years back (to play Call of Duty with you guys, don’t forget), I bought NHL ’11. It sucked! I ended up selling it and bought NHL ’12, which was much better. Then I saw all the hoopla and improvements in NHL ’13. I bought that too. Then I was finally able to convince you guys to jump onto the bandwagon, and you are all thinking of jumping off so quickly?

I’m 3 years into this, I’m not quitting now, just like I didn’t quit you guys back then.

But more about us. Sure, our current GM connected league is fun and al, but we all have issues with it. Surely EA will fix fixing some, if not all, of them. We should have our best experience possible, and no one should be left in the dust. Treat yourself. You deserve it.